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Our Mission

Promoting the independence, health, recovery, and community integration of persons with mental health and/or addictions challenges through advocacy, education, and the provision of a broad range of community-based and housing support services.

About Madison Community Services

Since 1977, Madison Community Services has been a pioneer in providing supportive housing, and case management services in Toronto for individuals who have serious mental health challenges - most of whom are living below the poverty line. 

In addition to our core services of case management and supportive housing, Madison has carved out a special niche as a mental health agency that provides its clients with a wide range of weekly social and recreational program activities. Despite the fact that these programs cannot be funded through our core government funding streams, Madison is committed to maintaining and expanding this program because it has been proven that such activities play a large role in the recovery journey of our clients through providing opportunities for them to break out of isolation, socialize, develop a community of friends, learn new skills and improve their overall quality of life experience.

Examples of these activities include:

  • Art Expressions, a support group that utilizes visual art classes while operating within the mental health Recovery model. The program provides clients with meaningful opportunities to build community, develop important life-skills and most importantly engage in a healing creative process.
  • Hispanic Group, a weekly peer support group that provides social and educational activities for skills development. Clients in this group also enjoy outings to restaurants, center island, as well as special social events including birthday parties, raffles and dances. This group program is facilitated by Madison’s Spanish speaking staff.
  • Esperanza “Hope” Group, a weekly peer support group program for members with addiction issues. The group provides a safe environment for clients to engage in discussion about issues and challenges. It also provides support for recovery based on the 12-step program. This group program is facilitated by Madison’s Spanish speaking staff. 

  • Women’s Solution Focus/Dance Group, a weekly peer support group program provides opportunities for women to share thoughts, values, feelings and experiences in a safe, positive and solution focused way. The activities are processed with flexibility and based on the group interests.  Each session begins with group dancing which creates a friendly and energizing atmosphere that smoothly leads to the group discussions. The Women’s Dance Group of this program has been a regular performer at large Madison events.

  • Yoga Group, a monthly yoga program which is led by a trained volunteer instructor. Yoga is a type of exercise that strengthens and stretches the body through various gentle poses. Yoga techniques can help in improving physical fitness and reducing stress.
  • Weekend Country Retreat,  gives our clients the rare opportunity to get out of the city and into nature, break out of isolation, develop lasting friendships and improve their overall life experience in a fun, relaxing and supportive environment.
  • City Outings, lift the financial barriers which prevent our clients from experiencing all that Toronto has to offer by organizing and paying for outings to concerts, sports events, plays, festivals, the CNE, AGO and the ROM and an annual BBQ on the Toronto Islands as just a few examples (please see our website for more information on these and our other social-recreation programs: 

For over 37 years Madison has promoted the independence, health, recovery and community integration of persons with mental health and/or addiction challenges through advocacy, education, and the provision of a broad range of community-based and housing support services.

We are very proud of the work we do, but we cannot do it alone. 

As Madison continues to stabilize and strengthen the lives of hundreds of clients each year, we are operating in a turbulent and less-than-certain funding landscape. These changing times make your support for our social and recreation programs even more important. Not only does a donation provide the much needed financial support without which the programs are not possible, but it helps us demonstrate that Madison is an important and valued part of the communities where we operate in Toronto.

We hope you’ll be counted as a supporter of the work we do, and join us in making a positive change in the lives of those who need it most. Your donation will contribute to rebuilding lives.

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