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About Magnetic North Theatre Festival

Canada’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival has a deeply-rooted belief that Canadian theatre has both a transformative and nation-building role in modern arts and society.

In a country often defined by vastness and regionalism, Magnetic North breaks down the barriers of distance and supports the exchange of culture across regional lines. We try to expand our understanding of what constitutes the “Canadian Experience".

Every year we bring bold innovation and artistic excellence to the stage, either in our home town of Ottawa or to a new host Canadian city. We're the only national theatre festival that moves around the country and dedicated to presenting contemporary works of Canadian voices. Since 2002, we have worked to reflect the growing diversity of our country by sharing stories from a multiplicity of perspectives and creating unforgettable experiences for our audiences.

As a not for-profit festival, this presents unique challenges, but it also give us an extraordinary opportunity to engage communities with a pan-Canadian experience wherever we go. We offer a launching pad for Canadian touring theatre and a building network for the next generation of professional Canadian creation. Your support for Magnetic North as a monthly or one-time donor helps us build a future for professional Canadian Theatre as a showcase of talent and cultural industry. Join us in Ottawa in June 2017!

What People Are Saying

"We have met so many peers over the years at Magnetic North, peers who have become friends, colleagues, and partners. It means that as Canadian artists we have a sense of what Canadian theatre is, and how it’s evolving."

— Anthony Black, Artistic Co-Founder, 2b theatre

"What amazes me most about Magnetic North is the diversity of the plays, the quality of the artistry and the beauty of the stories. I also love the energy of the Festival, the feeling that I'm participating in something really big and really important."

— Natasha MacLellan, Artistic Producer, Ship's Company Theatre

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