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Our Mission

The Maitland Valley Conservation Authority is a community based organization dedicated to providing leadership to protect and enhance our water, forests and soils. We're working for a healthy environment!


The purpose of the MVCA is to protect water and related resources for present and future generations. Conservation Authorities are established by the provincial government at the request of municipalities. 

The MVCA covers the watershed, or drainage area, of the Maitland, Nine Mile and Eighteen Mile Rivers, along with smaller watersheds along Lake Huron. 

The activities of the MVCA are driven by local municipalities, landowners and community organizations. We are committed to providing effective community-based conservation services in a cost efficient manner. 

MVCA priorities: 

  1. To strengthen the capacity of Flood and Erosion Safety Services: This will help municipalities reduce the potential for damage to development and land in areas prone to flood and erosion.
  2. To strengthen Watershed Stewardship Services: This will help member municipalities and landowners to develop rural stormwater management systems and soil and water conservation systems. This will also help to protect municipal outlet drainage systems and soil and water resources.
  3. To stabilize the MVCA's financial base to:a) ensure Flood and Erosion Safety Services and Watershed Stewardship Services have adequate resources; and b) sustain the equipment and infrastructure required to provide core services.

There are several funds that donors are welcome to contribute to:

  • Footprints to Forests - We're excited to be launching Footprints to Forests, a new fund that enables donors to calculate their carbon footprint and then compensate for annual Green House Gas emissions by planting trees. Trees help to reduce the impacts of climate change and also provide benefits such as biodiversity and improved water quality. Donations to the Carbon Footprints to Forests program will be used to plant trees in Conservation Areas in the Maitland watershed. Visit www.footprintstoforests to calculate your carbon footprint. Donors are welcome to compensate for their whole carbon footprint or a portion of it. We welcome smaller donations, every tree counts! In May 2015 the first Footprints to Forests trees were planted at Lake Wawanosh Conservation Area. Thank you to all our 2014 donors who may this first planting possible!
  • Martin Restoration Project - This project involves planting native trees and shrubs on approximately 1 acre of floodplain in the headwaters of the Middle Maitland River.
  • Tenhove Restoration Project - 3.8 acres of grassed floodplain in the headwaters of the Middle Maitland River will be planted with native trees and shrubs. An additional 3 acres will be put into into permanent hay cover.
  • Community Stewardship Education Programs - Maitland Conservation provides stewardship education programs in communities across the watershed. In 2015 these activities included tours of Middle Maitland River restoration efforts for secondary students, in-school habitat and ecosystem programs for elementary students, and community tree planting events. In addition, programs at the Wawanosh Nature Centre provide hands-on, outdoor learning experiences that complement classroom curriculum. Programs are available for school classes and community groups. The Nature Centre is also the site of special events and community workshops. 

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