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This page is for Canadian and International donations.

Our Mission

Our vision is to provide stability, security and support for the children of the Majengo Children’s Home, offering good nutrition, medical services, clothing and education within a warm and loving environment from childhood to adulthood.

What is Majengo?

Majengo Children’s Home, located in the village of Mto Wa Mbu, Tanzania, Majengo is home to 87 children between the ages of 4 and 18. Each child receives all necessities like education, medical check-ups, food, clothing, love and care and live as one big happy family with a staff and management team of 22 local people. Majengo supports an additional children and youth in the surrounding area with food, schooling, and medical support every year through the Majengo community development programs.

All of the programs that are operated through the Majengo Children’s Home aim to empower the children living in the centre as well as the surrounding community. This will in turn create self-sustaining adults, and will help end the poverty cycle for many families. We aim to build lives, build communities and build futures.

Sponsorship contributions are pooled centrally to ensure that your donation will go where it is needed most, and to help every Majengo child grow and thrive. When you sponsor a child, you will be matched and updated about this child throughout the year, though your donation will be helping every Majengo child.

Pre-determined designated contributions in the form of major financial donations will go towards special projects approved by the Majengo board, and chosen by the donor. These donations are managed by Majengo Canada in collaboration with the Majengo Children’s Home. 

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