Make A Change Canada

Registered Name: Make A Change Canada/Faire un Changement Canada

Business Number: 853537678RR0001

About Make A Change Canada

Make A Change Canada is an accredited, federally incorporated nonprofit organization with charitable status.  We provide business start-up and digital/web technology training to people facing barriers to employment.  Our services are available online and to individuals in all regions and provinces of Canada.

Who are people facing barriers to employment?  They are:

*People living with a disability

*Parents of children with a disability


*Older workers

*Indigenous Peoples

*Members of the LGBTQ+ communities

*People living in rural and remote areas

They are members of your family, your neighbours, and they are part of your community.

In 2019 Make A Change Canada will celebrate its 14th year of helping Canadians from coast to coast achieve their full potential. We will continue to help individual Canadians make a change in their lives for the better.

In our media, we will continue to celebrate the accomplishments of people from across Canada overcoming their challenges, and the organizations and people who support them.  Please follow us and please join in!

Help us Help Support Canadians Facing Barriers to Employment

Your donations will help us continue to offer valuable assistance and support to individuals participating in our programs. Only through supportive measures - such as having a working computer, reliable internet, or receiving tutoring assistance - can our clients truly succeed.  We need your help and support in ensuring that every client needing assistance can receive the support they need.

All donations help support Canadians facing challenges to employment from coast to coast pursue financial independence through technology and business education, taken online from the comfort and convenience of home.  Program participants are starting successful new businesses, and are becoming employed in many fields including administration, marketing, business, and information technology.

During 2018 we will also be launching our new social enterprise, in collaboration with John Rogers, a former participant of our programs and founder of Rogers Fire Nuggets.  Rogers Fire Nuggets will be an opportunity to expand our efforts to provide employment opportunities for *all* Canadians, by creating meaningful employment opportunities for those with limited options.  Through your support of Rogers Fire Nuggets you can help us provide a sense of hope to others and a reason to approach each new day with a feeling of purpose. 

Besides calling for donations, we are seeking volunteers to help with ongoing projects related to achieving our mission.  Email for more information.

How else can you help?  Follow us - Refer - Recommend us to a friend or family member who could benefit from our programs.  Remember, together anything is possible.

Make A Change Canada and You

Follow us to receive updates and stories of overcoming the odds.  We are on Facebook (/MakeAChangeCanada), Twitter (@MakeAChangeCAN), LinkedIn (, and YouTube (CSSDvision), or subscribe to our mail list (

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Thank you for your generous support.

Note:  A donation of any amount through this portal will give you an official charitable receipt for taxation purposes.  We also welcome the support of corporate and foundation sponsors.

Make A Change Canada and You - Together we can help improve the lives of people facing barriers to employment.

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