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With music, anything is possible!

Registered Name: Make Music Matter Inc.

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With music, anything is possible!

With music, anything is possible! 

Help break barriers to access mental health care in Indigenous communities across Canada.

The Healing in Harmony music therapy program has transformed the lives of over 14,000 individuals around the world, helping them to heal from trauma, reclaim their identity, and rediscover their agency. 

Make Music Matter (MMM) is currently working with two Indigenous partners in Canada - in central Alberta and in Toronto - to offer innovative and accessible mental health care based on the Healing in Harmony music therapy model. 

We're building partnerships to help break barriers to accessing mental health support, bringing together experts in trauma-informed interventions, arts-based youth empowerment programs, and music therapy for traumatized communities.


In Alberta, MMM has partnered with Kehewin Native Dance Theatre to help address a mental health crisis in communities where services are very limited. 

Centuries of victimization through colonization, residential schools, child welfare programs and intergenerational trauma have led to widespread mental health challenges, compounded by the lack of housing, food security, and clean water essential for mental well-being. There is stigma surrounding asking for help and taking part in therapy.

Through the 'Naskwahamâtowin – Let’s all share in the music' project, youth are empowered to share their stories, break through isolation, and reconnect with their cultural identity. Nikamo (‘Sing’ in Cree) is the name of the artist collective that has emerged from this Healing in Harmony project. 

Listen now to their debut EP ‘Moments’:


In Toronto, MMM has partnered with Aboriginal Legal Services (ALS) to offer training workshops with their therapeutic and victim services team on the Healing in Harmony music therapy model. 

The project is providing opportunities to expand ALS' trauma-informed and culturally-based multidisciplinary approach to supporting survivors of violence and harm. It is also addressing compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and intergenerational trauma amongst ALS staff and partners, who are themselves members of the Indigenous community.

Listen now to their debut single "Where is Everyone?":