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Youth Wellness Hub

Registered Name: Ma'mo'weh Wii'soo'ka'tiwin

Business No: 789740131RR0001

Youth Wellness Hub

The Kenora Youth Wellness Hub (KYWH) is seeking to raise $650,000 to increase programming accessibility for youth. The Hub is an integrated youth service centre, providing low-barrier walk-in services to youth ages 12-25. The KYWH is part of a provincial initiative, Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario, lead locally by Ogimaawabiitong- Kenora Chiefs Advisory, supported through partnerships with 20+ organizations in the community, and a Youth Advisory Committee, who guide the decision-making of the program to ensure it reflects the needs of local youth. These services include mental health, substance use, primary care, education, employment, system navigation, peer support, cultural programming, teachings, accessing housing, and basic needs support all on a walk-in basis. The KYWH is a place for youth to be heard and supported. 

 “It made me feel like there is a safe space. There is always someone willing to help and listen.” 

  • Briona, Youth at KYWH 

The KYWH is a place for all youth, but we are not currently able to support all youth in the ways that they need. To support more youth in more fulsome ways we are reaching out to ask for assistance in fundraising to undergo building renovations. The KYWH requires renovations to improve our accessibility, visibility, and ability to provide needed programming.  


  • What we need to do:  
  • Break ground  
  • Level flooring  
  • Update plumbing 
  • Update electrical work  
  • Create universal washrooms, showers, and accessible entrance ways. 
  • Why: Presently the Hub is not an accessible space for anyone with mobility support needs. Increasing accessibility is critical to the KYWH's principle of reducing barriers to service. This will be a high-cost portion of the renovation. 


  • What we need to do :  
  • New front façade 
  • New back façade  
  • More accessible branding and infrastructure presentation 
  • Why: Despite its location in the center of downtown, the Hub’s signage is limited, and current facades are dated, this contributes to low community visibility and ongoing stigma of the service. Refreshing the façades will improve the Hub’s presentation to reflect the positive space we have inside and increase awareness of our services. 

Programming Infrastructure: 

  • What we need to do :  
  • Adequate kitchen area equipped with full kitchen appliances 
  • Full laundry room  
  • Additional semi-private meeting space for youth who require less distractions. 
  • Why: A KYWH’s principle is to satisfy fundamental needs of youth in the community. These renovations would be pivotal improvements that would aid in skills-building for youth, increased access to basic needs, and increased programming opportunities.  

The funding required for this renovation project is quite substantial and we thank you for your time and consideration in donating to this initiative.  

If you are interested in learning more, please visit our website at, on Facebook @Kenora Youth Wellness Hub or Instagram @kenorayouthhub.

Please contact us by phone 807-467-8468 or email if you have any questions.