Manitoba Buddhist Association Inc.


Business Number: 119030146RR0001

Our Mission

"The Manitoba Buddhist Temple is a community of people joined together revering the teaching of Shinran Shonin and saying the Nembutsu. We seek to share with others the wisdom and compassion of Amida Tathagata. By doing so, we shall work toward the realization of a society in which everyone is able to live a life of spiritual fulfillment."

About Manitoba Buddhist Association Inc.

We are a group of Canadians who are followers of the Jodo Shinshu "Shin" sect of Pureland Buddhism. Located in Winnnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, our community is joined together by the gladness of receiving the shinjin of Amida Buddha's Vow to embrace selflessly all beings with wisdom and mercy, without a trace of discrimination or prejudice, and that is, with no exceptions.

As Shin Buddhists, we seek to be humble and sincere in words and deeds, to be responsible citizens of our society and to share with others our special Shin Buddhist teachings.

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