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Manitoba Tipi Mitawa

Registered Name: Manitoba Tipi Mitawa Inc.

Business No: 827727751RR0001

Manitoba Tipi Mitawa


In 2005, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and The Manitoba Real Estate Association formed a partnership to create a response to the First Nations off-reserve housing crisis, and the Manitoba Tipi Mitawa (MTM) program was born. Together we are dedicated to building a stronger future for First Nations children, by helping families create a legacy of home ownership. Our program helps First Nations families move along the housing spectrum from renting, to acquiring and owning their own homes in Winnipeg, or other large urban centres, in Manitoba. Most importantly, these new homeowners are afforded a sense of pride and community.

First Nations families face tremendous challenges in accessing adequate and affordable housing in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Tipi Mitawa First Nations Homeownership program is committed to ensuring First Nations families have a chance to plant roots in communities of their choice and create their own special memories. The program is unique in that we provide a holistic approach in supporting families through their journey to home buying. We guide and support families through each important step, from financial education to home maintenance training, to REALTOR® selection and ultimately, in purchasing their first home.

There are few things in life more important than a safe and secure home. The MTM First Nations Homeownership program is proud of helping low-to moderate-income First Nations families purchase their first home and start down a path to financial independence. Your support is critical in helping to combat the off-reserve housing crisis in Manitoba, and creating a brighter future for First Nations children, youth, and families. Together, we can help families create a legacy of security for future generations. And we can help parents raise their children in a house of their own filled with friends, laughter, and love.





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