Manitoba Tipi Mitawa

Registered Name: Manitoba Tipi Mitawa Inc.

Business Number: 827727751RR0001

Manitoba Tipi Mitawa is a vital partnership between The Manitoba Real Estate Association and The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs - uniting two community-building groups in a shared vision for the safety, health and prosperity of people living off reserve and in urban centres.

The MTM program started in 2008 and was designed to provide a way for off-reserve First Nations people to realize the dream of home ownership, to build equity and provide stability for their families. The project's key components of home ownership and capacity building, through hands-on education and mentoring, provide equity-building opportunities for modest income families and contribute to stronger communities.

What People Are Saying

"Homeownership seemed like an unattainable dream and one I would never experience, however the Tipi Mitawa Program gave me this incredible opportunity to buy my first home. Being a homeowner is something I am doing with success and a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride."

— Renee

"The program has allowed my dream for my family to come true. I come home every day and I stand in awe at what a beautiful place I have to raise my kids. Manitoba Tipi Mitawa helped me in providing a firm foundation for my kids to grow up happy, healthy and secure in their own home. "

— Christy

"Becoming a homeowner has been one of the greatest accomplishments I have ever made. The Manitoba Tipi Mitawa program provided me with all the logistics, resources, and support to make one of the biggest purchases one will ever make: owning a home! "

— Shelley

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