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Gifts of Real Property (Real Estate)

Registered Name: Manitoba Tipi Mitawa Inc.

Business No: 827727751RR0001

Gifts of Real Property (Real Estate)

Real estate is often overlooked as a charitable gift but could be a great way to support your favorite charity or cause and turn a valuable asset into community good.

Note: Please note that these gifts require Manitoba Tipi Mitawa Inc. approval in advance of acceptance to determine whether the donation fits within our programs and charitable home ownership priorities. With limited exceptions, gifts of property to Manitoba Tipi Mitawa Inc. will be sold. If you are considering the donation of property, it is recommended that you also consult your professional advisor to make sure that all available tax benefits are fully used.

Create a lasting legacy by making a planned gift

Leaving a bequest in your will is the easiest and most important way to support the causes you care about. A gift in your will, known as a bequest, is a gift from your estate - a transfer of cash, securities, real estate, or other property made through your will.

How it works

You identify real estate property that you would like to donate. You may choose to give real estate outright or retain the use of the property during your lifetime and make it a future gift as part of your estate planning (a bequest).

Tax benefits

Donations of real estate property may offer tax benefits - please contact your legal, tax, or financial advisor for further information.

Generally, when making an outright gift of property, a donation receipt is issued for the fair market value as determined by a qualified appraiser.

If the gift is the donor’s principal residence there is generally no tax on any capital gain.

If the gift is a secondary property, 50 per cent of the gain is usually taxable. However, the tax credit will generally exceed the tax on the gain, resulting in a net tax savings.