Registered Name: Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation (Canada)

Business Number: 820760684RR0001

Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation - Canada is a registered charity. We help the struggling members of our community through programs and services that teach, empower and inspire, as we believe in everyone's entitlement to a life with dignity.

Our mission is to help immigrants and Canadian families to meet their personal needs and to accomplish their professional goals through the access to educational services, job skills and day-to-day services that will help them transform into a more valuable contributor to our society.

We operate in seven locations in Canada, including Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, London, Hamilton, Edmonton and Calgary.

Our charity foundation depends solely on sponsorships and donations. Without support, help is a word only. You can help us make a real difference by supporting one or more of our programs. THANK YOU!

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