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MASC is a charitable arts organization, based in Ottawa, that brings the arts and culture alive for over 120,000 children, youth, teachers and seniors each year.  MASC represents a roster of 138 professional artists of diverse backgrounds, who offer workshops, performances, artist-in-residence programs and professional development in all artistic disciplines, including music, dance, drama, literary arts, media and visual arts. 

Programs are delivered in English and French throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, in schools and community settings.  As part of its core programming, MASC offers six annual multi-disciplinary arts festivals which bring additional professional artists from across the country.

MASC is the committed to providing equal access to arts and cultural experiences to those living in underserved neighbourhoods and rural communities. By bringing artists into communities, MASC reduces economic and institutional barriers, allowing community members to access high quality arts programming where they live and go to school. MASC brings the arts to the people.

MASC is an official-languages bilingual organization, with 35% of our programming offered in French. Internal and external communications are offered in the language of choice for artists, staff and board members and community partners. Marketing materials for programs and festivals are prepared in the language(s) in which the program is delivered.

MASC offers professional artists the opportunity to engage with new audiences and to build deep relationships through direct, and meaningful artistic experiences. 

MASC believes that creative artistic experiences are the birthright of everyone. We believe that the arts have a profound and positive impact on people’s ability to make meaning in their lives and to develop an understanding of, and a respect for, the lives of others.  For many, the chance to work closely with MASC’s professional artists offers a new set of tools with which to address the challenges faced in everyday life, as well as a deeper appreciation of the rich diversity within their communities.

What People Are Saying

"Come to imagine, create and DREAM!"

— Awesome Arts en folie participant

"The MASC conferences have truly been inspirational to me and have brought me great happiness and improved confidence over the past four years. This is my graduating year so I will not be able to come to any more conferences."

— Participant, Your Story 2019

"Your festival reaches out to the truly exciting young minds of our future - the deep thinkers, the unique souls, the ones who don’t always have the loudest voices in life but who have important things to say and will leave a lasting impression with their art."

— Katherine Battersby, Illustrator, MASC Young Authors and Illustrators

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