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Business Number: 867654410RR0001

Motivate Canada is a Canadian charitable organization which specializes in Youth Driven Development™ (YDD) – a powerful youth engagement and leadership development framework that taps into the natural optimism, energy, passion and innovation potential of young people to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Since its inception in 1994, Motivate Canada has worked to introduce YDD opportunities into the lives of over 2 million Canadian youth.  From modest beginnings as a one program provincial organization, Motivate Canada has expanded its reach and now delivers three core YDD programs across Canada, in addition to several provincial initiatives.

Motivate Canada’s national programs – the ESTEEM Team, ACTIVATE Youth Leadership Forums and the GEN7 Indigenous Youth Role Model Program - foster the development of the “6C’s of well-developed youth”. These are:

Confidence: having a sense of self-worth based on an ability to make choices and take the initiative;

Character: having a sense of responsibility and accountability and the resilience to succeed despite adversity;

Connection: having a sense of structure, membership and belonging to a community or peer group;

Caring: having real, empathic, and responsive feelings toward others

Competence: having the ability and motivation to master sound education and vocational skills and to earn a living;

Contribution: becoming civically minded and wishing to contribute ideas, time, skills and energy to the community.

Each program leverages the skill sets that are unique to young people by putting program alumni at the heart of their development and implementation. The YDD framework is organic, requires patience, needs time to evolve, cannot be rushed, and may take several cycles before quantifiable impact can be observed. But when these principles are honoured, the results are significant and sustainable

“ACTIVATE inspires myself and other youth to take our ideas and our dreams, and set goals. It is through ACTIVATE, that youth use their new tools and self-growth to discover their ability and confidence to be able to achieve success and make a positive change. Youth-driven development is powerful, but there will always be those barriers, or those people who put you down. ACTIVATE becomes a family, and together, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way in order to keep moving.”

- Sara, ACTIVATE Alumni


Motivate Canada envisions a world of empowered youth who are active, healthy, confident, community-minded and inspired to lead change in their communities.

In partnership with like-minded organizations, Motivate Canada incubates and implements youth-driven development initiatives that empower this country’s greatest natural resource – young people!

With your support, Motivate Canada can continue to pursue this shared vision to reach more youth, in more communities, to realize even greater impact.

What People Are Saying

"“I honestly couldn’t think of another organization that I would want the donation to go to that truly has made an impact (a real life changing impact) on the lives of so many youth. I say that with full confidence as I know many of the youth who have changed their lives because of Motivate!”"

— Meg – ACTIVATE Alumni & Donor

"I can’t thank the GEN7 Program enough for what it has done for [my community] to be honest. ... This group of kids who hardly knew each other before are best friends now and teammates and they love when visitors come to the community so that they can show them what they have learned. "

— Community Leader - GEN7 Indigenous Role Model Program

"Our youth are this nation’s greatest natural resource, and our unique value is cultivating a social infrastructure that supports the positive, community-changing energy that already exists within them. We aren’t inventing a cure for young people. They are our cure. "

— Lisa Kwiatkowski, CEO

"It’s so important to young people to have someone positive to look up to. It’s especially important when it’s someone that they can relate to, someone who has overcome the same struggles that they are facing or will face."

— Youth Participant - GEN7 Indigenous Role Model Program  

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