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Canada's centre for digital and media literacy

MediaSmarts / HabiloMédias


Our Mission

The mission of MediaSmarts / HabiloMédias is to support and encourage digital literacy and media education, and its widest possible integration into Canadian schools, homes and communities. Our aim is to help people, particularly children and youth, to develop an informed and critical understanding of the nature of the media, the techniques used in creating media products, and the media's role and influence within society.

In executing this mission, we are guided by our underlying philosophy of educating, not advocating, and by our fundamental goals to:

• develop and deliver high-quality media education resources

• provide leadership in advancing media literacy and contributing to the development of public policy on issues related to the media

• build broad public support for media education

• ensure good management of our human and financial resources

About MediaSmarts / HabiloMédias

MediaSmarts is a Canadian non-profit organization that has been pioneering the development of media literacy programs since its incorporation in 1996. Members of our team have backgrounds in education, journalism, mass communications, and cultural policy. We promote media and digital education by producing online programs and resources, working in partnership with Canadian and international organizations, and speaking to audiences across Canada and around the world.

MediaSmarts' work is based on the belief that to be functionally literate in the world today – to be able to "read" the messages that inform, entertain and sell to us daily – young people need critical thinking skills.

MediaSmarts focuses its efforts on equipping adults with information and tools to help young people to understand how the media work, how the media may affect their lifestyle choices and the extent to which they, as consumers and citizens, are being well informed.


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