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Darlene Tapley Environmental Showcase

Campaign Ended April 25, 2020

Our Mission

The Darlene Tapley Environmental Showcase, formally the Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase is in its 18th year! The Environmental Showcase is hosted every year by the Meduxnekeag River Association and provides elementary students in the Woodstock Education Center a platform to showcase their learning and environmental understandings to the community. Every year the MRA chooses a new theme, this year’s theme is “My Environmental Footprint!”.  This theme was specifically chosen to promote scientific literacy through exploration and the gathering of information and knowledge to help inform attitudes towards nature and the environment while encouraging students to choose topics inspired by their own questions or concerns.

General Information About the Showcase

The Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase competition works like this – each year, we develop a guidance document to link the year's theme to the curriculum at each grade level and develop a marking rubric, teacher handouts and suggestions for parents. We challenge students to produce a project, which include art, models or other constructions, and must include a written component. Schools, in collaboration with MRA, recruit judges from each community for their school Showcase. When it comes to each school Showcase the students stand with their projects while the judges talk to them and listen to them describe their projects and what they learned in doing them. Once the judges have chosen a representative project for each grade, the students are assembled, entry prizes are given for each student project (certificates, booklets, stickers, wristbands etc), and the grade representative are announced. In addition to student prizes there  is also a $1000 prize awarded to the school with the highest participation rate in the Showcase, classes with a 90% or higher participation rate also have a 1 in 5 chance of winning $250.

All school grade representative bring their project to the Grand Showcase in Woodstock for second round of judging Certificates, medallions and prizes, including a custom designed T-shirt, are given to each Grade representative from each school. One Grand Showcase winner is selected from every school and receive an additional prize and are able to bring his/her class to the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve fora special 2-hour walk on trails not normally used for class visits, providing a link between the Showcase and the Nature Preserve programs.

Your Generosity Makes a Difference

Your donation of $50 provides free tri-fold project boards to a whole class.

Your donation of $250 provides recognition prizes for a whole school.

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