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Naturally beautiful. Uniquely ours. For Generations to come.

Each time you walk, glide, roll or paddle the Meewasin Valley, you are enjoying the legacy created by the foresight and action of past generations. From its creation, Meewasin has existed to honour this legacy by ensuring a healthy and vibrant river valley. The work we do is a promise to you and to all who have benefited and will benefit from this place.

Be a part of the promise to protect this precious resource so this legacy may be enjoyed for generations to come.

The Meewasin Valley Authority exists to ensure a healthy and vibrant river valley, with a balance between human use and conservation.

  • We promise to conserve, protect and preserve the 70 square kilometres of land that comprises the Meewasin Valley;
  • We promise to encourage development in a way that balances the health of the region with the diversity of our people;
  • We promise to educate the public and especially our young people, to more deeply understand our important role as stewards of the natural world.

Meewasin initiatives strive toward the outcomes of health, fit, balance and vibrancy.

Meewasin has and will continue to apply the following five fundamental principles in planning the Valley.

  • Valley's resources are accessible to everyone;

  • Conserve natural and heritage resources;

  • Recreation and development balanced with conservation;

  • Diverse activities for a varied and changing demographic; and

  • Public participation in decision making.

If you believe that this precious gift should be sustained and enhanced for years to come, we invite you to step into the Meewasin Green Circle - a collective of Meewasin's most dedicated supporters.

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