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Duet Bike

Campaign Ended May 31, 2018

In the summer of 2017, we purchased an amazing Duet Bike from resident and family donations. This bike allows our staff and volunteers to take a resident out on a bike ride. Residents who have enjoyed this are thrilled with the opportunity to re-live an activity that may not have been available to them for many years.

Our rehab assistant is the champion of the Duet Bike initiative. He is an avid cycler and has found joy in biking with seniors as a therapeutic part of his work here at Menno Place.

When we asked him what would make it even better, he said, “Another Duet Bike! – This will make it safer to have a partner and more fun for the seniors that are riding with us.”

And so, we are inviting the staff team of Menno Place to help us raise $4,000 to purchase a second Duet Bike. The Mennonite Benevolent Society will match every dollar that is donated. The bike is manufactured in Europe, shipped through the US to Canada and customized to make it a perfect fit for our residents. It’s costly, but the value of seeing the happy faces of residents as they ride free is priceless.

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