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Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute is a Christian middle and secondary school committed to educational excellence where students learn in an environment nurturing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The education we provide at MBCI is centered on the practices and values of a Christian community; we are committed to shaping an environment that nurtures the whole child, providing encouragement as well as growth and development.

Our passionate, caring and inspiring teachers want to see students flourish; communicating with, and working alongside parents in helping students to succeed, to grow, and to belong. Learning experiences are designed with intention to cultivate character, focus on skill and understanding, and promote the application of content. MBCI students are supported and challenged to value their learning and to develop a growth mindset in all that they do.

When students graduate, we are confident that their time spent at MBCI has equipped them for success in post-secondary study as well as the workplace.

At MBCI, we believe that an education focusing on these four elements helps students acquire the tools and develop the character to live a life well learned. MBCI students learn to be global citizens, to lead with integrity, and to view the world from a Christian perspective.

Learning and Growth, Faith, Leadership, Community

What People Are Saying

"MBCI gave our oldest daughter, not only an excellent academic education but also an education in friendships/positive relationships, and faith. We have a son presently in grade six who loves to participate in every sport offered and is enjoying life in junior high."

— Cory & Melissa Sul - Parents

"The great memories of attending MBCI will be with me forever. While visiting our school recently I felt the same energy and buzz that existed 55 years ago. It is with great pleasure that we support this institution by giving back. "

— Robert (Bob) Wiens - Alumni

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