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Our Story

The Men’s Therapy Centre (MTC) provides support to men*: cis, gay, bi-sexual, trans, 2spirit, queer, gender fluid+, who have experienced emotional, physical, sexual, and colonial trauma in childhood or as an adult. We have been providing counselling and other support services to men* living on Vancouver Island since the agency was formed in 2003 in response to the closing of the Victoria branch of the BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

Trauma severs connection and its impacts ripple outwards throughout the community. Men* who access our services often report suffering from anxiety and depression, experience flashbacks and nightmares, have trouble finding or keeping jobs, have problems maintaining intimate relationships, and much more. Survivors of trauma tend to suffer in silence—they often experience the isolating impacts of fear and hypervigilance, social stigma, guilt, and shame. It often is not easy to find or reach out for help. The services we provide fill an important unmet need in the community. We offer men* suffering from unresolved trauma a place to stabilize, heal their wounds, break cycles of violence, and reconnect to their lives, families and communities in healthy ways.

MTC currently provides support and/or counselling services to over 200 men* and their families each year. And the demand for services is growing! We support men in their journey of trauma recovery through a wide range of therapy programs, including individual counselling services, long-term trauma counselling, group counselling programs, a youth trauma counselling program, community outreach and advocacy, and support moving through the criminal justice process. We always offer sliding scale options and offer a variety of programs that offer free counselling to men* who would not otherwise have access to mental health support.

We are asking for donations to support our move, create better access to our services, and help us continue to support men* in their journeys of trauma recovery! 

What is my donation used for?

In most cases, private donations made to the Men's Therapy Centre will go towards No One Left Behind. The goal of this program is to provide counselling for community members that could otherwise not afford to access services. Every $80 that is donated will provide a counselling session for someone that otherwise couldn't access mental health services.  

In rare circumstances donations will go towards improving our services such as upgrading our facilities, community research, or resource development. In these cases, fundraising campaigns will be communicated specifically for our fundraising goals so that people know exactly what their money is going towards.


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