MERCER UNION, a centre for contemporary art


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Our Mission

Mercer Union, A Centre for Contemporary Art is an artist-run centre dedicated to the advancement of contemporary art. We provide a forum for the production and exhibition of Canadian and international contemporary art and related cultural practices. We pursue our primary concerns through critical activities that include exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances, publications, events and special projects.

About MERCER UNION, a centre for contemporary art

Established and incorporated in 1979, Mercer Union began as an artist-run centre through the collective efforts of artists who believed in alternative art production and presentation. Throughout our history, we have maintained ambitious programming, exhibiting national and international artists and presenting cultural professionals both in formative and established stages of their careers.

Located in downtown Toronto, we recognize that our primary audience is made of local art producers. Our objective is to inform our local and international audiences and stimulate artistic practice by producing and presenting challenging work and by creating ways for our local audience to participate on an international level, while promoting Canadian art and artists internationally.

What People Are Saying

"My most recent show at Mercer Union [in Toronto] really made me feel anchored in a local ecology and dialogue that I never felt a part of—in its entirety, not just in Canada."

— Abbas Akhavan, Read More

"It is a rare opportunity, to be given the time and financial support to produce works that need years to develop. The support and space to experiment while working with Mercer was a wonderful and enriching experience that I will carry with me for time to come."

— Geoffrey Farmer, Read More

"My show at the Whitney was a commission by the non-profit art space Mercer Union in Toronto. Only 25 volunteers made it possible; At the Whitney the expected visitor number for the show is 73,000. I would like everyone to know that spaces like Mercer Union are the backbone for artists like myself."

— Aleksandra Mir, Read More

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