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Our Mission

Our work challenges our audience and existing theatrical boundaries by employing innovative staging techniques, intelligent and thought provoking material, and brave artists and artisans.

We strive:

To be a magnet for promising and seasoned talent through bold and courageous leadership.

To produce works which resonate for a diverse modern Vancouver audience though dynamic textual interpretation and dramaturgy.

To revel in the impact of controversial and affective material which touches and reflects the diversity of our local community.

To make a difference in our community by exciting and stimulating the imagination in order to provoke thoughtful debate in our audiences.

To maximize the impact of our work by encouraging community access and providing an outlet for the probing of important social concerns though outreach and educational programs.

We Value:

A professional environment characterized by transparent, respectful, and supportive interactions.

Our commitment to serve and respect our audience.

Artistic, intellectual and emotional growth of ourselves and others.

Risk-taking in the pursuit of our goals while maintaining fiscal prudence.


Meta began with a small group of like-minded individuals with a passion for live performance. The staging Crossing by local playwright C.E. Gatchalian at the Playwright's Theatre Centre Studio in 2004 cemented the bond of our Artistic Directors and gave life to a dynamic and innovative group of brave artists and artisans.

After Crossing, we staged the Canadian plays Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor and Warriors by Michel Garneau at the Pacific Theatre, and the following year, C.E. Gatchalian's Broken at the Firehall Arts Centre. More about our previous works can be read about here.

Meta has made a name for itself by bringing new and proven works to Vancouver audiences with dedication and professional integrity.

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