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A New Leaf

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

As LGBTQ2+ people living in Canada, we are well aware of the privileges we have over other members of our global community. While we’re not able to change the situation of a place we do have the power to change the situation of a person, especially someone living under threat for who they are. This is why we have come together and need your help. We are a group of five friends in Toronto helping a young LGBT refugee build a new life in Canada. For this, we need to raise $18,100 which will cover the first year of expenses for this person while they get settled and find their way forward in our city.

Your donation will go towards MCC Toronto’s Sponsorship Fund and will help an LGBT person get some basic belongings to start their new life, move around the city to find employment, and secure a place to live for one year. We have committed ourselves to welcome the refugee and have divided between us all the tasks we could think a person needs when they move to a new city and culture. From finding a doctor, a warm winter jacket, or a school to reach their professional goals, we have all that covered. The only thing missing is reaching our financial goal before the refugee’s arrival at Pearson airport.

Thank you so much for helping the cause! And by the way, spreading the word on your social media accounts is also a big contribution.

If you are a Canadian tax payer your donation will be tax-deductible when it is over the amount of $20.

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