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Migraine Canada Giving Tuesday

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Migraine Canada Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, give a gift to every Canadian living with Migraine.

Migraine is a complex, life altering neurological disorder that impacts 25% of Canadian households.

Despite its high prevalence and huge burden of disability and economic impact to our society, this invisible disease is often misunderstood, and trivialised compared to other chronic medical conditions. Migraine attacks are so much more than “just a headache”. They include symptoms like head and neck pain, nausea, vomiting, cognitive impairment, severe fatigue, light and sound sensitivity and much more. Migraine attacks can impact every aspect of a person's life. 

During their darkest and most difficult moments, with literally nowhere else to turn, thousands of individuals have found hope, a sense of purpose and belonging and most importantly, improved their lives and the lives of others by connecting with Migraine Canada.

Join us - stand shoulder to shoulder with every Canadian living with migraine. Your gift will fund essential programs and resources, our direct advocacy for improved care and coverage to all levels and government, and support and community for people living with migraine.