Mikinakoos Children's Fund

Registered Name: Mikinakoos Children's Fund

Business Number: 845825835RR0001

The Mikinakoos Children's Fund was created in 2014 with a Mission to improve the quality of life for First Nations Children in remote northwestern Ontario, while meeting their immediate physical needs for food, clothing and basic amenities.

We have a Vision of a world where every First Nations child is lifted from poverty and lives the good life as described by First Nations teachings.

For more information on our programs and objectives, please visit www.mikinakoos.com

What People Are Saying

"It is wonderful, the work that Mikinakoos Children's Fund is doing. There is a real need for nutritional programming in the northern communities, and food can make a noticeable difference in many different ways."

— Ontario Public Health Educator

"As I hopped out of the truck, their faces lit up and the kids ran over to me. Smiling, and looking up at me, they grabbed the bread, eggs, fruit and other groceries. Our presence made the children happy, and we know that for at least a few days, they wouldn’t go hungry."

— Staff

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