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Plastic Awareness and Reduction Toolkits

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Plastic Awareness and Reduction Toolkits

Many businesses are faced with unique challenges when it comes to reducing their plastic waste and they don't know where to start. With many plastic alternatives on the market with confusing messaging and the rising cost of doing business, reducing plastic waste may seemingly be out of reach for businesses trying to protect their bottom line, let alone the environment.

The Plastic Action Reduction Toolkits are here to save the day! Mind Your Plastic has created 4 industry specific toolkits that help businesses to identify areas where they can reduce their plastic footprint while also either saving money or recovering expenses. The toolkits generally focus on providing alternatives that are "Best, Better and Good" with a focus on reduction and reusability over recyclability.

Donate today and help us continue to develop more toolkits so businesses can reduce their use of harmful and hard-to-recycle plastics.