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Plastic-Free Events Policy

Registered Name: Mind Your Plastic

Business No: 740846894RR0001

Plastic-Free Events Policy

Did you know that, on average, a municipality creates approximately 20,000 tons of waste during the Spring-Summer festival season? Most of this waste is avoidable, but due to a lack of policy and restrictions, event vendors continue to rely on single-use items.

The Plastic-Free Events Policy (PFEP) program is Mind Your Plastic's response to the growing dependency on single-use items at events. Mind Your Plastic will work with municipalities to advocate for stronger reduction strategies or bans within their communities, with a specific focus on events.

Mind Your Plastic is currently working with the Town of Ajax on their corporate single-use plastic ban that includes events, and we'd love to help keep the parties going (without the plastic)! Donate today to help us make that happen.