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Moroccan Sefer Torah


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Moroccan Sefer Torah

Dear Friends

From all the messages on this group it’s clear we have developed a bond with each other. 

There is now an opportunity to make this bond eternal. 

I am sure you all heard the story of Yakov Amselem and his Torah discovery. If you haven’t, here is the short version. After visiting his great grandmother’s Kever in Tangier, he enters an antique store and is offered a Sefer Torah by the merchant. He calls his Dad, Rabbi Amselem, who verifies that it is authentic and probably stolen from a random synagogue. Yakov proceeds to purchase the Torah from the merchant. This is all from Shamayim; A Torah stored in some attic until our group arrives to Morocco. 

Yakov and others in the group would like to make the dedication of this Sefer Torah a Morocco 2022 group effort. 

Our idea is to collect enough funds to fix the Sefer, purchase a hard case cover,  and dedicate it to a Sephardic synagogue in Miami. We would all have a reunion to celebrate the dedication. 

If you are interested in donating we will be posting a link where you can receive a tax deductible receipt. 

This is a beautiful way of connecting our group. We were sent to Morocco for a purpose. Let’s all band together and make it happen.