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Our Mission

MISCELLANEOUS Productions Society brings in teams of professional artists, technicians, counsellors and educators to collaborate with culturally and socially diverse, multi-barriered youth on original, interdisciplinary and issue-based performances, films, media works and public art in East Vancouver. We use art as a tool for personal transformation and social change. Our major works include "THE REENA PROJECT/Outcasts & Angels" (2001), "What You Carry With You..." (2003), "e-race" (2005), "Stock Characters: The Cooking Show" (2007)," "POWER" (June 2009), "POWER 2" (November 2009), "Kutz & Dawgs" (May 2012 - March 2013), and "Haunted House" (August 2014 - August 2015). We also have a number of documentaries about our work and films of our plays in circulation. Our professionals and youth participants find their roots on 6 continents and speak more than 25 languages and dialects. Our performances have been presented throughout the Lower Mainland of BC and our films have been screened and broadcast throughout Canada and the United States.

Many youth graduates have gone on to professional theatre school, film school, music school, journalism & broadcasting school and some are now professionals with productive careers. We are distinguished by the amount of time we spend in the community working with youth participants, from one to two years. Some youth participants have worked with us from 3 - 6 years. We are ethically-minded and believe in long-term community development as well as adequate time for creation and production. This best serves the youth at the centre of our work.


MISCELLANEOUS Productions is a community-engaged arts organization and was founded in East Vancouver in July 2000. We have presented more than one dozen art projects all in collaboration with culturally diverse, multi-barriered youth and elders. Our focus is on interdisciplinary performance and documentaries in collaboration with culturally diverse, multi-barriered youth. Elaine Carol is the Artistic Director and Simon Hayes is the President of the Board of Directors. Dr. Aida Sadr is our Vice-President and Judy Board is our Secretary/Treasurer. Our current project is "Kutz & Dawgs" which premiered at the Vancouver International Children's Festival in May 2012 and is currently on tour. "Kutz & Dawgs" is a hip hop,anti-gang, anti-violence musical featuring culturally diverse, multi-barriered youth and created for ages 9 and older. This has been filmed and will be broadcast for free on YouTube and other Internet venues in 2013.

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