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There is Always Room For One More Well-Being Program

Registered Name: Mentoring Juniors Kids Organization (MJKO)

Business No: 845494319RR0001

There is Always Room For One More Well-Being Program

Time is critical! Barb and Peter Halsall are matching all donations up to $40,000 until December 18th, 2023!  

Together, we can raise $80,000.

At MJKO's Champion Centre, we use vigorous physical activity to teach participants how to cope with mental health-related challenges such as aggression, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and suicidal thoughts. It is a well-documented fact that sport and recreation, especially at a young age, can help children gain self-confidence and build social skills, which leads to higher academic performance and a sense of belonging. 
MJKO is a non-profit charity committed to creating a positive impact in South Parkdale, where we are located. We use two different approaches: recreational boxing, which involves no physical contact, and competitive boxing, which does entail physical contact. We aim to bring about social change in communities that are affected by systemic barriers, such as poverty, racism, housing, food insecurity, and violence.
We achieve this through three essential methods:
1. We offer free sports leadership classes led by certified trauma-trained coaches after school and on Saturdays. 
2. We team up with Second Harvest to provide weekly food packages for participants, which are often too expensive for low-income families.
3. We provide mentorship and employment opportunities to youth from marginalized communities who experience challenges searching for work.
What's the impact of your donation?
A donation of $25 provides healthy snacks for one participant for one month.

A donation of $50 can provide insurance for one participant for one year.

A donation of $75 provides one month of internet for our tutoring programs and the daily operation of the charity.

A donation of $100 provides 6 hours of paid employment for a marginalized youth.

A donation of $500 provides part-time employment for one person as a Program Coordinator for one week.

A donation of $3,000 provides one month of program space.

Support the local youth and make a life-changing impact by donating to our There is Always Room For One More Well-Being programs today.