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My Shack... My choices ... My future!

Registered Name: Mon shack... Mes choix... Mon avenir !

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Support us! First in Estrie to offer bilingual services in the supervised housing for young adults 18 to 35 with mental health problem.

My Shack... My choices ... My future!


Why ?

This project took place in 2013 to meet mental health needs in Estrie as well as the urgent need for the English-speaking community.

Mon Shack is the first in Estrie to offer bilingual services in the supervised housing sector, along with a mental health-focused living environment.

The primacy of the individuals

At Mon Shack, the primacy of the individual is at the core of our mission.  We believe in personal empowerment and in the strengths of each individual, as well as their ability to heal and participate actively in society.  Much more than just supervised housing, Mon Shack is a real living environment. 

Our model prioritizes on-site intervention and we will work in tandem with health services, hospitals and community resources. It is also important to us to ensure the diversity, quality and accessibility of services.  Resident participation, as well as that of their loved ones, is key to the success of the living environment.

This project, in addition to following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Social Services for mental health, relies on rigorous theoretical models as well as sound scientific evidence.

The target clientele

Young adults aged 18-35 who have a mental health condition.

The building

The construction of 18 one-bedroom unit took place at fall 2017. The building is situated in wooded surroundings near the downtown area, on College Street of borough of Lennoxville (City of Sherbrooke).

Why this location?

- To have access to quality housing at modest prices.

- To encourage resident's independence.

- To provide a safe environment that encourages rehabilitation.

- To have access to public transportation and external ressources.

Activities at the Shack

- Individual and group interventions.

- Group kitchen.

- Budget management and income tax workshops.

- Community garden.

- Art therapy workshops.

- Fitness workshops.

- Volunteer or work in the community.

- Activities of daily living and home living activities.

- Group activities.

- Involvement in the living environment.

Why these activities ?

For the development and maintenance of the following characteristics for the Shack's clientele :

- Independence and empowerment (taking back control over one's life).

- Social skills.

- Personal skills.

- Healthy lifestyle habits (diet, stress management, physical activities...).

- Healthy self-esteem.

- Active civic participation.

- Personal and professional skills that will allow the individual to integrate or reintegrate into the workforce or to take on a volunteer role.

We need your support

Your contribution will enable to change the lives of many young adults with mental health problem.

You will contribute to offer a roof, professional services and rehabilitation of these young adults. In return, they will be able to give back to the community.

You dream of changing the world? We can make your dream come true! From dream to action, a roof for each : The SHACK.

Thanks for your precious support !

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