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In Memory of Gianluca Primucci


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In Memory of Gianluca Primucci

It is with great sadness we inform you of the passing of Gianluca Primucci on June 5, 2021.  Gianluca was a respected Volunteer at Hope + Me. In 2009, Gianluca created the program Learn to Paint: Paint with Someone Who's Been There, growing it from a single class to five art workshops for youth and adults. With his innate good humour, Gianluca guided students to discover their expressive skills and unique 'inner artist' as they built self-esteem and a stronger identity.

Please click on the link below donations to the Gianluca Primucci Paint with Someone Who's Been There Art and Peer Support Program.

He used every opportunity to encourage students' creativity and courageousness by learning to paint and draw, providing participants a sense of belonging by connecting them with other students. Gianluca's artistic skill and techniques led Paint with Someone Who's Been There through a successful five-year run along with spinoff art programs Learn to Draw, Intermediate Acrylics, and Mixed Media.

Praise from Gianluca's students:

"We are grateful for the art space you created that pushed us to grow. By leaning into our feelings, we push ourselves to think more openly and to see our world from a different point of view."