Moorelands Kids


Business Number: 119230241RR0001

Our Vision

We Empower Kids to Transform Their Lives

Our Core Beliefs

  • We believe that every child has the right to succeed in life.
  • We believe that every child has strengths regardless of their life circumstance.
  • We believe that kids from families affected by economic barriers face hurdles that other kids don’t.
  • We believe that equipping kids with the tools and skills to thrive will give them a better chance to reach their full potential.
  • We believe that their success is our legacy.

Our Mission

We empower kids and set them up for success by:

  • Investing in leadership and life-skills learning programs for kids to create connections, build confidence, gain competence and develop character.
  • Advocating for positive youth development to enable and empower kids to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and to achieve their full potential.
  • Creating connections with kids and families facing economic need.
  • Forming collaborative partnerships with schools, community agencies, corporations, foundations and individuals to support Moorelands Kids' programs.
  • Leveraging and protecting our world-class assets through Moorelands Kids' camp, Moorelands Kids after-school programs, Moorelands Kids' family programs, our unique approach, and our talented staff; to enrich life-skills development and resulting in positive, healthy lives.

About Moorelands Kids

Since 1912, Moorelands Kids has been helping reshape the future for Toronto's kids facing economic barriers. Moorelands Kids has changed and developed since its inception, and making a positive difference in the lives of children and youth has remained our first priority. Moorelands Kids accomplishes its mission by offering year-round programming to kids in families facing economic need. Moorelands Kids offer three pillars of support; we offer after-school leadership programs—BLAST, LED and VITAL, for kids 6-18; Moorelands Camp, an amazing overnight summer camp experience for kids 8-16; and our family programs—Baby Bundles for newborns and Christmas Sharing for registered camper and after-school families. We work with over 1,200 children and youth each year and partner with 26 agencies to further our reach and our positive impact to the lives of children.

In Toronto, Moorelands Kids runs its after-school programs in the Toronto Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIA's) of Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park, Humber Summit and Humbermede. Our after-school programs, offered in partnership with local schools and/or community groups, provide a supportive, nurturing environment with a focus on leadership and life-skills learning; healthy physical play; and homework help.

Moorelands Camp and Moorelands Kids' family programs are open to children from all neighbourhoods across Toronto.       

What People Are Saying

"I would like to thank every single personal worker/coordinator/manager about their time, efforts and support. My so enjoyed a lot Moorelands Camp and he would like he loves to come back next year. Once again, Thank you so….so much."

— Parent of a Moorelands' camper

"Moorelands God bless you if it wasn’t for your affordable fee she won’t have been able to have just an amazing time and the stories! This is a memory that she will have forever. I hope that I will be able to send her for next year. Thank you gain from the bottom of my heart"

— Parent of a Moorelands' camper

"I find Moorelands Camp is great program for my son’s age. He really grew up through the camp and did much better than I expected. I think it’s from the careful consideration and design made by staff. The camp was perfectly balanced between being taken care of and being independent."

— Parent of a Moorelands' camper

"My child had an amazing life-learning experience with both leadership programs (ACE & SALT), She was able to learn the many values of life and learned to apply them back home. She hopes to come back and use those skills as a counsellor next summer."

— Parent of a Moorelands' camper

"Moorelands has taught me about being safe and being confident and trying my best."

— Maia, age 13

"Something I learned at Moorelands that will help me is teamwork for school."

— Mohamed, age 7

"Because of Moorelands I am more responsible and complete my homework before anything else. "

— Sayeed, age 10.

"At BLAST I learned to put first things first and to take my time and be patient. What I learned at Moorelands helps me everywhere. "

— Abdul, age 11.

"At Moorelands I learned when somebody is feeling bad, I can help them. "

— Katie, age 8

"BLAST has taught me about taking responsibility for myself and making good choices. "

— Hanna, age 10.

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