Mothers Matter Centre (formerly known as HIPPY Canada)

Registered Name: Mothers Matter Centre

Business Number: 863188538RR0001

Our Mission

A Canadian society where all mothers and their children can achieve full and productive lives.

What is the Mothers Matter Centre (formerly  known as HIPPY Canada)?

It is a virtual, national consortium of organizations dedicated to serving socially isolated and low economic status mothers and their families using HIPPY’s proven mother-to-mother approach. It will continue to grow and sustain its flagship HIPPY program and develop other program innovations such as housing assistance, job-skills training, literacy and language training, healthcare, and more.

The Mothers Matter Centre will continue the work of HIPPY Canada which, over the past 17 years, has helped more than 10,000 mothers gain new skills and build confidence and abilities essential to strengthening mother-child relationships. This means at least 10,000 children were better prepared to get the most from their early school experiences and many more than 20,000 lives have been positively impacted.

The Mothers Matter Centre will work with isolated mothers where they live – at home – and connecting them with other mothers in their communities who share an intimate awareness of the issues and challenges they face. The Mothers Matter Centre will continue training HIPPY Home Visitors to support mothers and their families transition out of isolation and into community and economic life, expanding HIPPY with important program innovations.

Mothers Matter Centre invites you to be part of this powerful change.

What People Are Saying

"When we are there and they are playing with the other kids, (the children) are happy and do different activities and those things help them feel free with the others, to feel happy. They feel good with the others. Their heart is open."

— Antoinette

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