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Geriatrics & Healthy Ageing


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Geriatrics & Healthy Ageing

Sinai Health is Canada’s first academic health sciences centre to make geriatrics a flagship priority program. Our Geriatrics and Healthy Ageing program is an organization-wide partnership between Geriatric Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Surgery, Psychiatry, Nursing, Allied Health, Cancer, Rehabilitation, Palliative and Primary Care. We also collaborate with our community partners to ensure seamless care for older adults from the community, our hospitals, and their transitions between the two.

We serve thousands of older adults each year, helping them lead more healthy and independent lives. Our geriatric medicine program is Canada's largest, with 14 of just 376 geriatricians across Canada choosing to call Sinai Health home.

Our Acute Care for Elders (ACE) Strategy is changing the way we care for older adults in hospital — reducing average lengths of stay and readmission rates, decreasing falls and more.

Our ageing population is driving increased demand to repair and replace hips, knees and joints in the Granovsky Gluskin Divison of Orthopaedics. Mount Sinai Hospital’s surgical teams are globally recognized for performing the most complex hip and knee surgeries.

Sinai Health’s Reitman Centre is a recognized leader in caring for patients living with dementia.

The Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care is  Ontario’s largest integrated clinical and academic palliative program. Sinai Health provides this vital service in hospital, in community and in clinics as an ongoing support for patients and their families.