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Mature Women's Health


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Mature Women's Health

Sinai Health envisions a world-leading, interdisciplinary and integrated Centre for Mature Women’s Health. There is a unique opportunity to expand and further develop our internationally recognized programs in mature women’s health.Our ultimate goal is to improve the health of women as they transition across this life-changing milestone.

The Centre will also be a hub for research, education and advocacy for mature women's health, with multiple training programs and research initiatives to attract and train the world's best and brightest. It will be the only centre in the world to offer the breadth of clinical care, research, advocacy and education required to address the gaps in care that mature women currently face.

How you can help

To achieve our vision, we are launching an unprecedented $50-million campaign in support of the Centre for Mature Women's Health. With philanthropic investment, we will address a critical quality of life and health equity issue that affects millions worldwide. Together, we will change the change.

Areas of Expertise

•Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
•Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
•Urogynae-cology & Female Pelvic Medicine
•Cardiology & Heart Disease
•Nutritional Sciences/ Metabolic Conditions
•Sleep Disorders
•Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis & Joint Function
•Psychiatry & Mental Health
•Breast Disorders & Cancer Survivorship
•Sexual Medicine
•Vulvar Disease