MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre


Business Number: 892077991RR0001

Our Mission

To conserve and protect native wildlife and its natural habitat through education and rehabilitation.

About MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre

MARS Wildlife Rescue is committed to the treatment and subsequent release of native wildlife in need. From research, over 75% of the animals that make it to care are affected in some manner by human activities. Nest tree destruction, vehicle collisions, unrestrained pets, illegal or legal wild “pet” trading, intentional or unintentional poisonings (including oil contamination), window collisions, and non-target trapping or shooting all result in wildlife distress.

MARS provides a safe, stress-free environment, for ailing wildlife to recover. We participate in research, and share information with wildlife and professional organizations. MARS is a regular at  Vancouver Island meetings, lectures, displays, workshops, seminars, conferences, reports, publications and social media.

What People Are Saying

"I just received the best help with 5 little tree swallows that just weren't ready to fledge. Finally had to give up as night was approaching and took them to MARS. They worked their magic with them and today they came home and were released. A happy ending and heart lifted way up!!"

— Angela Walker, Read More

"Since 2004 we've averaged 652 animals each year. Most injuries were related to human impacts. This year we successfully released 102 Bald Eagles back to the wild. Our largest funding source is the public investing in our wildlife."

— Warren Warttig, MARS President, Read More

"We and the birds are very lucky to have such a caring and dedicated group of people on the island."

— Rick Ellis, Read More

"Euphoria Nature Preschool would like to say a huge thank you to Brinley and all the staff that help care and support the animals who come to you scared, broken, and injured. You're amazing!"

— Michelle Beek, Read More

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