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Kids to Camp

Kids to Camp


Why are we asking you to support kids to come to Mulhurst Summer Camp?

In our current school system, children have 8 weeks of unscheduled free time.  Summer camps have blossomed as a great way to keep children entertained, engaged and busy during this time, especially since parents don’t get this same kind of time off work in most cases.

The benefits of a great, well run camp for kids are so much more than just keeping them busy.

At Mulhurst Camp kids can

v  Have fun

v  Build skills that foster positive social & emotional growth

v  Learn new things and have adventures

v  Eat healthy meals

v  Spend time outdoors in nature

Summer camp teaches kids to

v  Work together cooperatively whether in the kitchen, doing chores, setting up skits and organizing games

v  Resolve conflicts more effectively, listening first to understand others

v  Assume greater responsibility – looking at what they can do rather than what they can’t

v  Become more self-confident & self-reliant


Being exposed to new experiences and encouraged by friendly and sympathetic adults to try new things helps children build self-confidence. True self-esteem comes from doing something new and difficult and succeeding. Interacting with others in a well-run summer camp gives children a chance to learn respect for others, teamwork, kindness, and honesty and they have fun while they learn!

Studies show that skills learned at summer camp are then transferred to the classroom during the regular academic year.

Summer camp is one of the few places where children can experience and satisfy their need for physical activity, creative expression, and true participation in a safe environment. While at camp children learn about living, working, and playing together and making positive contributions to their community. They acquire first hand multi-sensory knowledge of the natural world.

Going to camp gives children much more than a vacation. Living, playing and sharing adventures together help kids develop into a healthy, physically fit and productive adult. At camp, children gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and learn social skills of positive interaction that stay with them for a lifetime and spill over into other parts of their lives. The new skills they have mastered and the social and emotional growth they have experienced help them become more successful in school and in other activities.

In our technological society, which encourages passive forms of entertainment rather than active involvement, summer camp provides a unique opportunity for children to experience a different way to play. Participation in outdoor activities builds healthy bodies but also healthy minds.

Although the benefits of summer camp are many, there are also many families that simply can not afford to send even one child to camp.  We have seen a growing need to new immigrant and refugee families, as well as our First nations people whose children would really benefit from summer camp.

Our goal at Mulhurst Summer Camp this year is to fill the camp with children EVERY WEEK for EIGHT WEEKS!  Imagine the impact these kids will have back home in their communities and schools after this experience.  YOU can help make this a reality!!

Every dollar you donate brings one child closer to camp and having a meaningful, fun week and so many more benefits.  Make your yearend charitable contribution powerful!

Donate $25, $50,  or $100. 

For $300 you will support one child to a full week of summer camp.

Want to make a regular monthly donation?  Just $30/month will fund one child to camp for an entire week.