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Our Mission

The objects by which the MusicBox Children’s Charity is governed by, and as stated in the Letters Patent, are:

a) Educating and promoting interest in the musical arts by providing classes, related workshops and performances of a musical nature to children, youth and the underprivileged.

b) Providing youth initiative within the community through volunteer opportunities in order to establish and inculcate responsibility and social awareness within the youth population

MusicBox uses the terms ‘underprivileged’ and ‘disadvantaged’ interchangeably and defines them to mean:

Physical or mental disability, and/or financial need, which prevent(s) access to a standard musical education and private instrument lessons.


MusicBox recognizes the importance of a musical education in a child's development. Music has the capacity to transcend language, social and cultural borders and positively influence other areas of a child's development.

MusicBox's music appreciation and individual-lesson programs run in low-income neighbourhoods in Canada, and in other institutions where children are disadvantaged, disabled, ill and therefore unable to partake in a music education. Any interested children of families in these sectors are qualified candidates for the MusicBox Children’s Charity.

MusicBox also strives to provide a mentorship program between our volunteer teachers and our child partipants. We provide volunteer opportunities for high school and university students making this a youth-helping-youth initiative, and giving our youth confidence and responsibility.

Our programs are administered by a national Board of Directors and regional Chapters run entirely by volunteers.

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