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Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra


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Concert to End Homelessness in Montreal

Campaign Ended Oct. 31, 2019

The MWSO was created to give a home for immigrant musicians to showcase their talent in a new country & to make a living while finding support in their new home. Ive attached a few lines written by a couple of our musicians to illustrate how powerful that help was for our musicians.

Montreal is a rich environment of art, outdoor beauty, entertainment & food. Things we consider BASIC are not available to enrich everyone’s lives. The homeless people of Montreal need all the support and love we can offer them, through rehabilitation at places like the Old Brewery Mission. It is everyone’s responsibility to do whatever possible to help the homeless rise out of their sad situation and join the life of the general population and all it has to offer.

Music unites everyone, everywhere, and the MWSO was created to unite musicians from other countries to play music. A CONCERT to end HOMELESSNESS in MONTREAL, by the MWSO is the best vehicle to present to the public as a way of showing we CARE. We plan a great concert which needs your support to happen, so that all ticket sales & sponsorships afterwards will go to the Old Brewery Mission to continue their great work.

Concert Date: To Be Announced (November 2019)

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