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Counselling programs

Registered Name: Muslim Social Services Kitchener Waterloo

Business No: 848686309RR0001

Counselling programs

MSS is striving to reach new heights with regards to providing counselling. We are endeavouring to create a supportive and compassionate environment for individuals, couples and families through faith-based and culturally sensitive counselling. Our goal is to provide healing for the various hurts of life so that one can treasure life as a journey filled with personal strengths and accomplishments. We are attempting to connect with those who are struggling with various challenges but feel unheard.

Through reflection of our own personal experiences, it is evident that we have the answers for our own healing but lack the right tools. Our unique client-centered approach as well as the atmosphere of openness and compassion helps our clients feel heard and accepted in a non-judgmental environment. This in return helps by having them become more self-aware of the numerous powers of change that exist within them. Our method of therapy motivates them towards clear and measurable goals that are easy to achieve so that life in general becomes more enjoyable.

Our fees are set on a sliding scale that makes counselling accessible and affordable and is based on the family income. No one is turned away due to lack of finances, however, our affordable rates do require donations that can support our work and help change the lives of those who are suffering from various mental health issues, trauma, depression, addictions and grief. MSS is fully dedicated to creating a safe, friendly, and pleasant atmosphere for all the members in our small community. Please help us to achieve this goal whereby everyone feels heard and included.