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Myeloma Canada is a non-profit, charitable organization created by, and for people impacted by multiple myeloma, a relatively unknown cancer of the plasma cells. Exclusively devoted to the Canadian myeloma community, Myeloma Canada has been making myeloma matter since 2005.

As a patient-driven, patient-focused grassroots organization, Myeloma Canada drives collaborative efforts to unify the voice of the community to effectively shape the Canadian treatment landscape with a committed focus on the improvement of patient outcomes by:

  • Providing educational resources to patients, families and caregivers
  • Increasing awareness of the disease and its effects on the lives of patients and their families
  • Facilitating access to new therapies, treatment options and healthcare resources
  • Advancing clinical research and promote access to new drug trials in Canada
  • Empowering patients and caregivers through community engagement

The Myeloma Canada Research Network (MCRN), comprised of Canada’s leading researchers and clinicians from across the country, is the first and only platform that fuses national scientific research and advocacy. The MCRN develops and supports Canadian-designed clinical trials nationwide, publishes consensus statements on the management of the disease and collects data for its innovative national database, a key stepping stone in our search for a cure.

Myeloma Canada, in partnership with the Myeloma Canada Research Network, is dedicated to advancing the understanding, treatment and management of the disease and accelerating access to game-changing therapies for Canadians living with myeloma.

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