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Valuing Elders

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Valuing Elders

Elders from Nishnawbe Aski Nation Communities to Connect with other Elders across Canada

We value our First Nations Elders and want them to have a chance to experience new opportunities.

That's why we are inviting you to help us with the 2023 National Gathering of Elders that Elders from Nishnawbe Aski Nation attended. The theme of this truly amazing event this year was, “Coming Home, Voices of Elders”.

This annual gathering encourages laughter, wisdom, networking, friendship, and unity between delegates. Over 4,000 Indigenous Elders from all over Canada were expected to come together to discuss important issues and celebrate Indigenous culture and language.

This is so much more than just an event. It's a chance to bridge understanding and foster reconciliation between different Indigenous groups and the wider Canadian community. Elders hold the keys to ancestral knowledge and play a pivotal role in guiding their people in interactions with each other, nature, and all living beings. Their collective memory safeguards First Nations history, ways of knowing and being, traditions, ceremonies, and sacred teachings that have been passed down through generations. Elders are the backbone of our people's survival, unique identities, and continued presence on our lands.

Our Goal

The goal of Nishnawbe Aski Nation was to send 20 Elders to the National Gathering of Elders in Edmonton from October 30 to November 2, 2023.

Your support means empowering our Elders. We hope we can count on you to help us raise the funds to cover the cost of the trip for the lucky Elders who had this amazing opportunity and got to experience this valuable lifetime experience. Any amount you can afford to give is truly appreciated and will go towards the week-long trip.

Your kindness and generosity light the way toward reconciliation and a future of shared understanding, healing, and unity. Miigwech, thank you!