Nanaimo Region John Howard Society


Business Number: 130303936RR0001

Our Mission

Nanaimo Region John Howard Society supports the community by providing services to promote responsible and accountable behaviours that lead to a safer community. We envision a safe and inclusive community where every citizen takes responsibility for a humane, civil, and just society.

About Nanaimo Region John Howard Society

Our Society is named after John Howard who was the first to campaign for prison reform in England way back in the 1750s. His book, "The State of the Prisons", published in 1777 led to the Penitentiary Act of 1779. John Howard argued passionately that "every citizen must ultimately accept responsibility for the Criminal Justice System of the society in which he/she lives."  This spirit is alive in our programs today. As one of 63 John Howard Societies across Canada, the Nanaimo Region John Howard Society offers community programs are innovative and recognized for being best practice -- including our award-winning Restorative Justice program, Forensic Housing and Outreach Program (BC Mental Health and Addiction Services Award of Excellence), and the Guthrie Therapeutic Community program (BC Premier’s Award for Innovation, 2012).

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