The Depot Community Food Centre (formerly NDG Food Depot)


Business Number: 891328007RR0001

Our Mission - "Good Food For All"

The Depot is a community-based non-profit organization that works collaboratively with community partners to address food insecurity in NDG and surrounding neighbourhoods. Founded in 1986, the Depot has been a recognized independent charitable organization, with a volunteer Board of Directors, since 2003.

Our objectives are to reduce the hardship of living in poverty by:

- Improving food security for people with insufficient income

- Increasing access to healthy food

- Alleviating social isolation and fostering social integration of all community members

- Educating the public at large about issues of poverty and hunger.

The Depot recognizes that providing only emergency food does not address the root causes of poverty and hunger in our community. Our approach is to first meet basic food needs for families and individuals with inadequate incomes, and then address underlying problems that may be preventing people from reaching the next level in their lives. All our services respect human dignity, recognize individual needs and provide the groundwork for building networks and a stronger community.

People from diverse cultures, ages and backgrounds come together to grow, cook and share fresh, healthy food at the Depot.  Our Food Baskets, including fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk, are distributed to people having difficulty meeting basic needs. Nourishing Community Meals are served on distribution days to anyone at no cost. After-School Cooking Programs teach children and teens basic nutrition and kitchen skills, young mothers gather to cook and share, and Cultural Cooking Workshops break down barriers and offer leadership opportunities to recent immigrants. Collective Gardens and Urban Agriculture Workshops invite participants of all ages to learn skills for growing food indoors and out.

Our diverse programming creates many opportunities to engage people and connect them to a variety of Resources and Information addressing the issues they are facing. The Good Food Box has made it easier for people to obtain fresh produce at lower prices and our Community Kitchen Workshops bring people together to learn how to prepare healthy inexpensive meals, while establishing supportive social networks.

Many people who walk through our doors, despite their challenges, have a variety of talents to share. Our skills sharing, volunteer and pre-employability programs help prepare people for their next steps in life.

What People Are Saying

"I want to tell you about the transformation I’ve seen here. Before people had their heads down and felt they had hit bottom. Now the place is exciting—people are conversing, good food is served and it’s a good experience. I feel a real sense of community—people aren’t judged and feel part of things."

— an NDG Food Depot volunteer and participant

"Having all the ground food [vegetables] makes me feel connected with nature again. I"m cooking, making soup, and using the broth for my rice, and getting my vitamins and minerals. I hadn't had cabbage since I was a kid! The good food and gardens make me feel like part of the community—I'm happy!"

— a Community Kitchen participent

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