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Nelson United Church is a pastoral charge of the United Church of Canada situated in Nelson, BC.

We are an Affirming Congregation.

Our Purpose Statement                     

                                We dare to live the Way of Jesus

                                    embodying the Love of God

                                              * * * * * *

Statement of Faith and Action

God calls us to be a loving, inclusive and compassionate people, who following Christ's teachings, gather to worship, celebrate the gift of love, live with respect in creation and seek justice and welcome for all regardless of, but not limited to, the following: age, race, colour, ancestry or place of origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, physical and mental ability and economic status.     


                                                             * * * * * *

If you choose you can make your offering  "in memory of..." or "in honour of..." and you can select a particular offering: 

1. Gracious Offering        Let your offering be designated by the church where they believe it will be best needed to meet the needs of the church and outreach to the community.

2. Local Church Expenses      Help us carry out the ongoing day-to-day running of the church including staffing, utilities, building and grounds maintenance, printing, paper and postage costs, phone, internet and website expense, plus all of the other expenses that keep us an active part of the community.

3. Benevolent Fund      Individuals in the Nelson area are assisted with financial support when specific needs are determined.
4. Mission & Service        We contribute to The United Church of Canada's Mission and Service for outreach projects beyond our local area throughout Canada and worldwide.
5. Special Projects:   1) Guatemala Bienestar: Nelson United Church-Guatemala Alliance for Community Well-being (NUC-GACW) is a project of the Nelson United Church and others who wish to support locally identified and managed social and health promotion projects from Guatemala that contribute to community wellness through improved health, education, capacity building, identity validation and self-worth of the people.  (Read more>>>)
                                   2) Poverty and Modern Times in Nelson:  this annual endeavor envisions a locally produced calendar that will be for sale together with a photo prints exhibition held in the Nelson United Church. Both calendar and exhibition will consist of photos taken by the local community and those experiencing poverty as a way to express themselves, and to give voice to their experience. The photographs and accompanying texts becomes a vehicle to communicate the diverse elements and many faces of poverty and low income existence in and amongst the community of Nelson. (Read More>>>)
                                                                      *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
God of grace and compassion, may our gifts enable your church to be a place where strangers become friends,outcasts are welcomed, seekers receive, and those who are fearful find faith and hope. We ask your blessing for each one of us and the gifts we offer in your service, this day and in the days to come. In the name of the living Christ, we pray. Amen


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