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Nepal School Projects, a registered Charity, creates a better quality of life for vulnerable populations in rural Nepal by gaining their full participation in the development of projects targeting certain aspects of their communities such as health, sanitation, and education.

The recent earthquake in Nepal and the continued aftershocks have killed more than 2400 people and injured 6000. This number is rising. It has been reported that hundreds of thousands of children, adults, and families in central Nepal are living on the streets, either because their homes have been destroyed or because they are too afraid to return to them. People are in desperate need of food, water, and the basic necessities to live.

Nepal is a very poor country and its infrastructure is dubious at best.  Plagued by political uncertainty, it is a country with poor or negligible transportation systems.  It will be a herculean effort to provide food and shelter, let alone get the country back onto its feet. 

The people of Nepal are our friends and co-workers. We are committed to provide assistance but we need your help. Please help us help the people of Nepal by making a donation. 

What People Are Saying

"It is indeed a very good step that you have taken to set up a social relief fund for quake victims. It is really scary. I will have to start everything new now. Would be grateful if you could help me out of this crisis."

— NSP Nepal Board Member

"We stayed in a make shift tent in an open place for two nights. I found a place nearby which is ok and will be shifting there. The landlord taking advantage of the situation has demanded 60,000 NRS as an advance payment. Got to start life in a new manner again."

— NSP Nepal Board Member

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