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Help shape the future of Canadian art, support Sculpture Saint John's 2018 Emerging Artist Program

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Our organization aims to increase the number of artists in the province by training New Brunswick emerging artists in the art of stone sculpting.

In 2018, throughout a six week international symposium, six emerging New Brunswick artists will live and work with eight experienced Canadian and International sculptors, providing an extensive opportunity to learn about artists from around the world. During their residency, they will become knowledgeable about the art of sculpting, assist the artists, interact with the public and students, and offer demonstrations and informational sessions to educate visitors.

The emerging artists challenge themselves working with the artists throughout the symposium to create sculpted masterpieces destined for communities in Southern New Brunswick. Each of the eight professional artists has different requirements, and techniques that they apply to their artwork. Throughout the symposiums, they are responsible for teaching the interns these techniques through demonstrations and guiding them with hands on learning. This learning is then applied to the transformation of a piece of locally quarried granite, into a monumental piece of public art.

The residency aspect of the program provides a relaxed and friendly environment for the sculptors to freely discuss their journeys as artists, while providing a scenario in which the emerging artists can ask them questions about their artwork, their styles, and how, in their eyes, to become successful artists.

Career Impacts:

Together, we created 8 large scale sculptures, adding over 120 tons of granite artwork to an international sculpture trail. I will always be grateful to Sculpture Saint John for the opportunity to be a part of something so big; and for the experience that launched my carving career to a whole new level. Since my work with the symposium, I have had an amazing opportunity to propose, design, manage and sculpt a 15 ton monument for the International Childrens’ Memorial Place in PEI.                          

                                                                                                                                Julie Glaspy- 2014 Intern

In the six week duration of Sculpture Saint John, I have taken away far more than I expected I would as an intern. Having participated in as an intern in an international symposiums before, I feel that I was able to jump right in to the assistant role and push the boundaries on the skills that I had previously established. I learned many techniques related to stone carving and how to approach art, but the largest takeaway that I got from my experience in Saint John was the sense of encouragement.

                                                                                                                                 Glenn Swanson-2016 Intern

Support these young emerging artists to ensure a passion for future sculptors in Canada while encouraging creativity in the minds of young people!

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