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Build a Smokeless Stove

Project Description

Our Haiti School project is helping to build and revitalize local schools for the resilient people of Haiti. At the same time, we are investing in the health of women and children in the home with our smokeless stove initiative.

Many people in the developing world need to heat their homes, boil water and cook over a small indoor fire. Three stones are arranged to carry a pot of water and the smoke from those fires will often fill the house. The World Health Organization estimates that 2 million people die each year because of health problems caused by smoke (more than tuberculosis and malaria combined).

Our smokeless stoves change that fact. Using locally sourced resources we teach people how to build a simple stove that burns the smoke before it is released. This knowledge transfer program trains local Haitians to build, maintain and repair the stove in rural communities. We intend to catalyze small business start-ups of people who will build the stoves for others as the simple technology is spread.

This cuts down on fuel, protects children and mothers, and dramatically changes lives.