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Emergency Safety Net


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Emergency Safety Net

Following the Hamas attack on Israeli communities near the Gaza border and the ensuing war, the New Israel Fund of Canada (NIFC) mobilized resources and staff around the world to meet the immense needs of the moment. We are mourning with everyone in Israel and Gaza who has lost loved ones, and we are continuing to work toward a better future for all. NIFC is providing aid to Israelis, both Jewish and Arab, who have been affected; advocating for the immediate release of the more than 200 hostages being held captive by Hamas in Gaza; safeguarding human and civil rights in Israel and the occupied West Bank; and working to advance a shared, peaceful future for everyone in Israel. 

NIFC’s Emergency Safety Net response is focusing on the following critical areas:

1. Safeguarding human and civil rights – Ensuring that freedom of speech and expression are protected and raising awareness about escalating violence toward Palestinians and activists in the occupied West Bank. Tracking and identifying incitement online and in digital forums, especially by right-wing groups targeting Palestinian citizens of Israel and left-wing activists and relaying them to law enforcement/security authorities; monitoring fake news online.

2. Bolstering Jewish-Arab relations – Preventing escalation in shared Jewish-Arab cities and areas of potential tension; preserving the space for a shared society.

3. Providing an alternative vision for Israel’s future – Reevaluating Israelis’ priorities and presenting a peaceful, equitable vision for the future.

We know that the situation is fluid and dangerous, and that there are very difficult times ahead. But we also know that in this moment of crisis, providing support to those Israelis looking out for the most vulnerable, fighting hatred and incitement, and defending the hope for a truly shared future for all Israelis is what NIFC is called to do.