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New Works


New Works is a non-profit and charitable organization dedicated to the presentation, advancement, and management of dance. We work to remove barriers that inhibit artists and audiences. We support artists by fostering creation, and providing presentation platforms at various stages in their career, while finding meaningful ways to connect artists and audiences, through workshops, outreach, and conversation.

New Works supports artists by:

  • Providing meaningful opportunities to interact, lead, and teach, as well as perform 
  • Connecting culturally specific dance communities with new audiences and forms, thereby nurturing a shared sense of ownership and belonging within the dance world;
  • Making diverse dance events accessible to multiple communities; and
  • Providing performance opportunities for diverse dance artists and companies.


  • Supportive: Our artists advance in their careers, grow audience reach, and improve their financial position. They gain an understanding of what it is to be a successful independent artist-producer, and gain a higher level of control over the trajectories of their own careers. Artists get the support they need, adapted to their maturity level – the artist support we provide is responsive to the life cycle and unique needs of each artist. 
  • Accessible/Inclusive/Diverse: NW programs are accessible to and accessed by diverse artists and audiences. We use representation to remove systemic barriers to inclusion, continually introducing new communities to professional arts performance. Our role is to support, grow, and nurture equity-seeking artists and companies through administration and management, and to grow new audiences through programming diverse traditions, styles, and formats of dance, prioritizing access. 
  • Collaborative: NW generates a collaborative culture, where artists and staff share experiences and knowledge in meaningful and far-reaching ways. Artists, board and staff – we work together. New Works develops strategic partnerships with other presenters and organizations to increase the impact of our work, and the work of the artists we support.
  • Transparent: New Works strives to be a recognized leader in establishing proactive and consistent transparency policies in all of our dealings. All goals and actions in this plan are viewed through the lens of achieving consistency, reliability, and clarity. 


77 East 7th Ave

Vancouver, BC, V5T 1M4

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